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Poker Tournaments In Las Vegas

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There were times where all Las Vegas casinos hosted poker tournaments, but that is in the passed. Poker has become more popular, and thanks to online games, it makes it easier for players to find quality poker.

The best tournaments can be found at the Mirage, Monte Carlo, Plaza, The Orleans, and Venetian. These casinos give players the most daily games to participate in, as well as other great perks. The Venitian offers some high stakes games, where the buy-in could get up to $300. The other casinos buy-in could get as low as $33, but during high peak times could reach up to $125. There are plenty of others that have buy-ins at or below $100.

Players looking to bet $20 to $50 can find plenty of tournaments at any of the other Las Vegas casinos. These games are available in several Las Vegas Strip and Downtown casinos, including Station Casino properties.

Most casinos offer several tournaments each day, so that players won’t miss their chance to play poker. This allows the house the keep minimum buy-ins low. Many of these tournaments are can be found throughout the Las Vegas Strip, where you can find multiple tables. You may find a variety of games being played at tables next to each other. Players should always make sure what the buy-in is before sitting.

Las Vegas Poker Guides: Tables, and Games, and Video Poker.

Best Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas 2018

A complete breakdown of the best tournaments taking place in Las Vegas this summer.

Check out all the Ladies Events in Las Vegas this summer.

Find all the Senior Events in Las Vegas this summer.

Compare the rake for all poker tournaments in Las Vegas this summer.

Looking to play some poker this summer? There’s no better place than Las Vegas as there are hundreds of poker tournaments to choose from. But, how do you make up your mind on which poker tournament to play?

The majority of the tournament festivals have released their poker schedules. We published most of them right here on PokerNews with the 2018 World Series of Poker schedule as the most prominent one. We also featured the 2018 Wynn Summer Classic schedule, the 2018 Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza III Schedule, the 2018 ARIA Poker Classic Schedule, and the 2018 Phamous Poker Series GOLIATH at Plannet Hollywood schedule.

But instead of going over them one by one, wouldn’t it be easier if you had all the information organized per day? Well, that’s what former November Niner Kenny Hallaert thought too a couple of years ago when he headed to Las Vegas. The pro poker player from Belgium, who’s also a poker tournament director, created a poker spreadsheet with all the information he could get his hands on. His poker tournament calendar has been massively popular among fellow grinders, and we got permission to publish the gathered data on PokerNews. Still, the original file is extremely handy for poker players looking for information in poker tournaments in Las Vegas, so we recommend you download the spreadsheet itself. In the spreadsheet, once downloaded, you can highlight the events you intend on playing, and it will calculate the total you’ll spend on buy-ins at the bottom of the sheet.

If you somehow play all the poker tournament on the poker agenda, you’ll have to spend a massive $1,811,261 — given that you only fire a single bullet in each event. While it’s impossible to play all events, it’s an indication that there’s a lot of poker to be played in Las Vegas this summer.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide which tournaments best fit your schedule and budget.

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